Platform: PC
Genre: ActionRPG
Release Date: March 30, 2020
Developer: TaleWorlds Entertainment
Publisher: TaleWorlds Entertainment


At the very beginning of Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord you will have a minimum of means of survival. In order to assemble an army and provide it with food, you need to make several reasonable investments in trade and caravans. And how successful you will be in the game also depends on how much gold you have in your pockets.

Using caravans and rumors for more profitable trading

Rumors are an important Bannerlord mechanic that you should use if you decide to engage in close trading. All the rumors that you have collected will be related to the price at which certain goods are sold in a particular city. Prices for these products are divided into three categories and are underestimated, average market and overpriced. It is logical that you will strive to buy cheaper and sell more. But the color marking does not give you exact numbers: the value of the goods can be overstated, which is higher than the average market prices by 100 or 1000 dinars. That is, you always need to analyze what is happening.

Hover over a product when you are trying to sell it in a settlement to see where it is valued much better. If the cost of the goods is indicated in green, then it is cheaper than usual, but red means that they are valued in this settlement.

As stocks of goods in a settlement increase or fall, its value will also change. Therefore, try to sell what you need, never rush or try to shed everything you have. Each settlement also has its own limit on the money that it can pay for your goods. Therefore, as soon as you empty the piggy bank of the settlement, go to another place to sell the remaining things.

Caravans, which are marked with camel icons on the map, can also provide you with useful information, including data on where the product can be bought for a penny, and then where to sell it for a more decent price.

In the list of characteristics of items that you can trade with settlements or caravans, you can find an additional line that tells you something like “You can sell in (the name of the place) for the N-th amount of gold.” Rumors do not appear in every village or city, so visit other settlements to collect as many different rumors as possible.

Another useful indicator of determining where goods can be sold for a more decent price is a description of the city you enter. If he suffers from food shortages, then you can sell your food here at a higher price than usual. You can also get new rumors through talking with peasants while walking around the city. They will share the rumor in the first place, and after that they will ask what you wanted from them.

What affects the speed of movement

The types of troops in your army affect the speed of movement on the world map. If you have many warriors on horseback, then you will move much faster than if you used an army of foot marauders. Since speed on a world map is the key to quickly moving between two settlements, you may find that by the time you arrive in a particular settlement, the conditions for buying/selling goods have already changed. There is also the risk that transporting a large number of items may attract unwanted attention from bandits.

Creation of caravans to increase profits from trade

You can create your own caravan by talking with influential people in any major city. The average cost of one caravan is 15,000 dinars. In addition, he must be led by one of the partners. This money, in fact, goes to pay for protection, which will protect caravans from raiders and looters.

In the beginning, it is not entirely clear how to assign caravans. It will take some time for the caravan to start making a profit. The companion that you have chosen to be the leader of the caravan will pump the skill “Manager”. Your caravan functions in a manner similar to that led by unplayable NPCs – they may provide rumors about where to buy and where to sell certain things. He also serves as a merchant. Unfortunately, you will not be able to receive items at a discount from your caravans.

Your caravans will visit cities to sell or buy items there, thereby influencing the local economy.


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