Platform: PC
Genre: Action, RPG
Release Date: March 30, 2020
Developer: Tale Worlds Entertainment
Publisher: Tale Worlds Entertainment


One of the most effective ways to recruit new units in your Mount & Blade 2 squad: Bannerlord is to take prisoners who are ready to go to your side. Since this is not the only thing that can be done with the prisoners, many of you could hastily sell every prisoner in the city without even knowing the mechanics of hiring them.

How to capture enemy soldiers

To capture opponents, regardless of whether they are ordinary bandits or noble lords, it is enough to win the battle by neutralizing the desired units with blunt weapons. Remember that when you attack the enemy with a cold or long-range weapon, you kill him. It is also important to note that you can stun enemies with the help of your fighting horse – just knock it down with your horse’s hooves. You will understand whether the enemy is killed by the notification of the “red skull” that appears in the upper right corner of the screen. The “white skull” shows that the enemy simply lost consciousness.

At the end of the battle, you will see a screen with the result of the battle, where you can see the number of killed and unconscious enemies. Among all the stunned opponents, you can choose those who will become your captives.

Do not forget that the game limits the number of prisoners at the same time. This limit is approximately half the maximum size of the current squad. You can exceed this value, but in this case, an excessive number of prisoners will slow down your movement on the world map, and some will even have a chance to escape.

Redemption of prisoners

Now that you have several captured soldiers or bandits, you need to figure out what can be done with them. The easiest way to capitalize on them is to head to the largest city nearby. There are taverns in such settlements where you can sell prisoners (some or all) for gold.

The amount of gold received depends on the “quality” of the captives. Marauders cost almost nothing, but if you manage to grab a highly specialized soldier or (even better) a lord/nobleman, they will be ready to pay decent money for their freedom.

In addition, the sale of captives will allow you to pump skills of trade and robbery. And I highly recommend spending a little more time to sell each captive individually (and not all at once), which will give more significant increase inexperience.

How to hire captives

If you manage to bind a particularly strong soldier, then you can consider the possibility of hiring him in your squad. Before you get the opportunity to make him your warrior, it can take a lot of time (that is, the enemy must stay in captivity until he himself agrees to join you in battle). Keep opponents in captivity for as long as it takes to personally volunteer to become part of your squad.

The only prisoners you cannot hire are lords and nobles. The game simply does not allow this. You can chat with them, but all this is useless. Also, bandits with looters can become your warriors, but for this, you will need a discipline perk, which is unlocked upon reaching level 125 of the “Leadership”.

Execution of Lords and Nobles

It may happen that a certain lord or nobleman impedes your progress. If you release such a character or sell it for gold, they will return later with a new army and attack you again. But there is an alternative. To execute the captured lord or nobleman, go to the “Squad” tab on the map and select the necessary captive. You will see three options, and one of them will be red. This is a penalty option.

The execution of lords or nobles in Bannerlord is not approved. Because of this, you will lose your reputation, your relations with the faction to which the executed person belongs will deteriorate. Yes, and everyone else who is associated with it. Thus, if you want to get rid of the constant threat, instead of executing, consider capturing a lord or nobleman as much as it takes time.




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