Platform: PC
Genre: ActionRPG
Release Date: March 30, 2020
Developer: Tale Worlds Entertainment
Publisher: Tale Worlds Entertainment


First, you have to fight with a certain faction. For example, you can right now approach any village and take hostile actions against it. This will lead to the outbreak of war and the emergence of a new enemy. Then go to any castle you would like to capture and select a siege. As soon as you do this, the preparatory phase will begin, during which you can build siege weapons and equipment. However, if the enemy has powerful troops, then he may not wait for the worst, but immediately go beyond the castle and try to defeat your army.

During the preparatory phase, you will have to wait for the siege camp to appear, after which it will be possible to either lead the assault, or proceed with the creation of siege equipment (rams, trebuchets, and so on). It is at this moment that the enemy faction is likely to send more troops to you, so be prepared for an attack.

You may already have noticed that in most cases your unit alone is not enough to besiege the castle. The fact is that to create your own army you need to create your own kingdom. To do this, complete all the story missions. An alternative is to join an existing kingdom. But even if your army is able to withstand the defending garrison and the militia, there are some things that will simplify the siege and save the lives of more of your units.

Siege equipment

Have your recently created siege structures, trebuchet, and ballistae been destroyed by forces defending the castle? There is a way to protect them! This happens very often, since the castle already has defensive structures, and they function literally right away, while the attacker has to rebuild each separately.

To prevent this from happening, create a queue. When it is completed, click on the finished device and select “Send to reserve.” Create another one, repeat the steps, and so on, until you collect a sufficient number of guns capable of breaking the enemy’s defenses. Use your siege weapons to get rid of defenses before going on the offensive.

If you want your warriors to enter the castle as soon as possible, you will have to create siege towers. But if you do not play in a realistic mode, then you can, in principle, do without them. After preparing all the equipment, you can lead the assault or send your troops alone. If you do not have an overwhelming advantage over the enemy, then it is better to lead the assault on your own.

Storm management

On the battle screen, you will be able to automatically deploy siege weapons. This will allow your soldiers to use rams and other important devices. As soon as you begin the assault, all troops will go in the direction of the gate and try to install stairs on the walls of the castle. If you were unable to destroy the enemy’s defenses, be sure to bring long-range weapons with you, which will allow you to shoot enemies using ballista. Otherwise, they can destroy rams and other siege structures.

As soon as your people set the stairs, I suggest climbing the walls of the castle. Or when the siege tower approaches them. It often distracts the attention of opponents, who temporarily stop their attempts to push the stairs. Remember that enemy ballista gives priority to siege structures, so you will need to help them get to the castle walls.

Once you are outside the walls of the castle, raise the shield and try to clear the way for your troops. You can press E to hit opponents with a shield. When enough of your units are inside the castle, the enemy will be defeated.


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