Platform: LinuxMacNSWPCPS4XONE
Genre: arcade
Release Date: May 12, 2020
Developer: Easy Trigger Games
Publisher: Coffee Stain Publishing


Time passes, and nostalgia for the 80s does not disappear. That decade gave us many cult musicians and legendary films, and among the latter, there were many militants who are still considered the standards of the genre. The creators of the new Huntdown action watch all these tapes and love them so much that they decided to make their own actions in that spirit. It is, of course, “pixel”, with a side view and with the support of a local cooperative – everything is as it should.

Mercenaries shoot better

A terrible war took place in the universe of the game and after it, a new society was formed in which megacorporations establish their own rules and support everyone who follows them. This led to the appearance of street gangs, which consist of people who do not want to obey people in black suits. They offer us to become bounty hunters – they are not interested in protecting corporations or joining gangs, but simply fulfill orders for a lot of money.

Three heroes are offered to choose from, which differ in appearance, basic weapons, and background and, according to the developers, are based on the characters of classic action movies. The girl with the bright name Anna Konda is a former commando, inspired by Janett Vazquez from “Aliens”. Retired cop John Sawyer, who lost half his limbs in battle and became a cyborg, resembles the Snake from Escape from New York, as well as the protagonist of Cobra. Well, a cyborg, nicknamed the Mow Man (Mow Man), obviously, makes you remember the “Terminator” and “Robocop

The selected bounty hunter will travel to four regions to destroy the four main targets. It’s just that they can’t be reached – all areas are divided into five levels, and at the end of each you will meet with the boss. You spend no more than four hours on the passage of Huntdown, which is not so small in comparison with other games of this genre. The recent Blazing Chrome, for example, ended two hours later.

The hunter’s job is as follows: we come to a new location on our cool car, leave it and run from left to right, killing everyone who is trying to interfere. The character shoots only in front of him, horizontally, so that he will not succeed in raising the weapon or pouring lead on the enemies standing below, located on the upper platform. But the hero knows how to hide behind shelters – how to squat behind cars and boxes, and to hide from bullets in dark garages, leaning out when shooting.

But even this is not his main skill. As soon as the character comes close to someone, he can kick him – a seemingly small detail, but how much more fun she makes the battle! No need to worry about the lack of shelter when you fall down towards an enemy ready to fire a shotgun. You just jump closer to him, press the shooting button, and for a second he becomes defenseless, and you yourself can put a couple of bullets into him. It is especially fun to do this at levels like the construction site, where falling into the abyss means death.

Always something new

The gameplay is not boring due to how often the creators of the game throw up new opportunities, adding unique opponents or unusual weapons. Firstly, all gangs have their own “tricks”. “Misconducts” (Misconducts), apparently, adore hockey, so a large proportion of their associates are shod in skates and armed with clubs – such enemies quickly get close to the character. And the Gang of Homing Warheads (The Heatseekers) are bikers scattering the streets in a variety of vehicles. They use rocket launchers (with homing, of course!), And sometimes explode after death.

Secondly, new guns appear often enough so that there are no complaints about the variety of the arsenal. You can carry two types of weapons with you: standard (a pistol firing in bursts and a slow or fast revolver depends on the hero) and something else – it can be a submachine gun, assault rifle, shotgun or one of several machine guns, and eventually will appear powerful sniper rifle, rocket launcher, grenade launcher, flamethrower and much more. Sometimes you are faced with the choice of what to take to the next part of the level with you – it’s so nice to shoot from everything here.

In addition, other types of weapons are scattered everywhere: grenades (conventional and cluster), mines exploding on command, Molotov cocktails, and much more, including all sorts of pipes and bats. Since no one forces the player in a hurry (they won’t be awarded at all for quick passage), it’s worth approaching the next hassle wisely. If bikers cut along the road without stopping, then it’s logical to drop a mine and watch the explosion. If the enemy is holding a powerful machine gun in his hands and hiding behind cover, it is stupid to run in his direction – you must also get closer to some box.

Bullets, rockets, and explosions

All this is incredibly fun, and most importantly, the pace is sustained almost perfectly. The storage points are located quite close to each other so that in case of death do not need to pass through long sections. Enemies do not reach the character in droves, but there are not too many of them – enough to have to jump, to sit behind shelters, and in some cases toss grenades. Opponents can even cause damage to each other – it’s especially funny to watch it when you dodge a homing missile, and it hits an enemy.

Well, the bosses are absolutely amazing. All are completely different, all have three phases, each offering new challenges. It is not easy to imagine that among the 20 bosses it is almost impossible to find unsuccessful ones, but this is true. One calls the turrets and runs after the player, the other locked himself in the ring and tries to push the protagonist to throw him with exploding barrels while he climbs back. The third is a flamethrower as if he had arrived here from The Division. Almost everyone will like the battles so much that they will want to re-run them as soon as possible.

Trials are also prompted to re-pass, although this element can be called one of the unsuccessful. At all levels, the tasks are the same: kill all opponents, never die, and collect all three cases. The latter is most often hidden behind destructible walls or on tops of buildings, but sometimes opponents carry their bags with them, fleeing at the sight of a player and trying to shoot. For the sake of these funny catch-ups, you can hunt for cases, but the medal received for this, unfortunately, does not give anything.

But this is a trifle, otherwise, the game is amazing. It looks great – the environment is very detailed, some objects react to your jumps, boxes are destroyed gradually, and not immediately after several hits. And the fact that bullet marks remain on the walls makes the shootings even more spectacular.

The soundtrack is also very good. The tools here vary depending on the area in which the character is located. If in an area controlled by ordinary hooligans, clockwork electronic music sounds, then duels with bikers will go to the sounds of electric guitars. Plus there’s a dubbing sound in the style of old action movies, and the main character constantly quotes movies and games, uttering idiotic phrases that sound stupid at the same time and make him cooler – just what you need for such a non-stop action.

An evening spent at Huntdown will bring a ton of different emotions. The game will make you remember your favorite childhood movies, and just give fun gameplay. A huge variety of weapons, cool bosses and a wonderful pace of storytelling (as well as a local cooperative!) Make the game one of the brightest releases of spring. She would have a normal name, and then the word Huntdown does not catch the potential buyer, scrolling through the list of new products. But they also tried to make the headline in the spirit of an 80s action movie – just one word, but it’s immediately clear what the plot is about.

Pros: fun gameplay that constantly throws up new opportunities; the presence of a kick allows not only saving ammo but also realizing interesting combinations in battle; two dozen great bosses with interesting mechanics and phases; many different types of weapons; chic visual style with rich detail; pleasant music.

Cons: the same tests at each level.


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